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PEMF vs Electrosmog

It's important to understand that the earth already has a natural magnetic field which is extremely low, varying between 1 - 50 Hz.   Cadence Therapy's PEMF device  operates from either an ELF (extremely low frequencies) to VLF (very low frequencies) range which are very safe and does not create the negative reactions at the cellular level.  Like the earth's natural magnetic field, it generates gentle pulsed frequencies between  1 Hz and 50 Hz level. 

There has been much discussion about the dangers of over exposure from Electro Magnetic Fields (or dirty electric fields)   emitted by power lines, wi-fi, cell phones (especially the 3G and 4G networks) and microwaves. The frequencies and field strengths, combined with exposure times from  such technology is higher and erratic, creating a generation of heat in tissues which can damage cells.   Unlike the low 1-50 Hz level created by PEMF devices, cellphones generate a high electromagnetic frequency of between 450-2700 MHz (450,000,000-2,700,000,000Hz).  While studies are ongoing, there seems to be overwhelming proof that such exposure can cause health risks and should be an area of concern for everyone.

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