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Equine Full Body Treatment: $100

Small Animals & Spot Treatments: $40

Travel fees may be applicable & subject to change.

HST is not included and is applied to all services and/or products.


PEMF therapy for equine, small animal and human clients.

* Exclusions for treatment are patients who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Are pregnant
  • Have open wounds
  • Have pacemakers or other  implanted electronic  stimulators
  • Are on chemotherapy or blood thinners.

Bundle & Save

Book a session package of (4) for $350; a savings of $50!

Preparing for a Visit

Equine Patients:

Because PEMF creates cell permeability (toxic agents can then penetrate more deeply than intended causing an adverse response), please ensure horse is free of:

  • Fly Spray
  • Toxic Agents
  • Liniment


  • DMSO: As this topical substance already penetrates the cells, rate of absorption is increased.
  • Antibiotics: PEMF may have the ability to aid in antibiotic performance and cellular mobility

Human Patients:

Before you sit down, please remove the following items:

  • Chains, cell phones, electronic watches or credit cards (Jewelry is okay)
  • Car keys with intelligent chips.

Payment - Cash, Cheque, e-Transfer or Credit Card all accepted. 

All sessions will be invoiced and customer will be provided with proof of payment in receipt form.

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