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Further Information on PEMF

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EquiPulse  PEMF medical device for equines  is owned and developed by Magnus Magnetica, LLC., marketer and distributor of  the world's finest Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy Devices.

Magnus Magnetica's focus is on continuous research, development and commercialization of drug free, non-invasive Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapies for treatment of soft tissue indications, range of motion and neurological disorders

Dr. Thomas Goodwin, Ph.D. 

Study on the effects of  TVEMF (Time Varying Electromagnetic Field) ie. PEMF, on the growth of two and three dimensional human neural progenitor cells within a culture medium.  Cells exposed to TVEMF grew 2-4 times rate of non waveform cells. Conclusion: "One may use this electrical potentiation for a number of purposes,including developing tissues for transplantation, repairing traumatized tissues, and moderating some neuro-degenerative diseases"

Dr. William Pawluk, MD, MSc.

Board Certified Family Physician and Holistic Health Practitioner; Former Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and University of Maryland.  A leading expert the use of electromagnetic  and energy medicine. 

Dr. Oz

Cardiothoracic surgeon, author and TV personality discusses the benefits of PEMF therapy on his TV show.   


Bill Doyle on TedMed - part of the TED Talks lecture series

Dr. Magda Havas, PhD.  Professor, researcher and lecturer on the biological effects of environmental contaminants

VCA Animal Hospitals Web article on magnetic therapy for animals

EMF Medical Therapeutics  Paper presented for BioInitiative Working Group, demonstrating evidence and effectiveness of EMF

'The Power to Heal', Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies on the Effects of Magnetics on Physical Ailments

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